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yabo5000 yabovip14 of building waterproofing materials preferred

&Nbsp;    traditional building waterproof material refers to the traditional asphalt paper linoleum, coal-tar epoxy paint, waterproof material. This class waterproof material exists with on temperature sensitive, and stretch strength and extends rate low, and resistance aging performance poor of shortcomings: especially for exposed waterproof engineering, high low temperature characteristics are bad, easy caused aging, and cracked, and deformation, and broken and rot, phenomenon: this class waterproof material currently although has been provides has "three felt four oil" of waterproof practices, to appropriate extended its durable years, but is increased has waterproof layer of thickness, while also increased has workers of intensity, especially for roofing shape complex, and protruding roofing part more of roof for Construction is difficult quality to guarantee, also increases the difficulty of maintenance. The traditional asphalt felt paper sleeves in medium and small cities as the waterproof layer is still very big, along with glass cloth linoleum linoleum, glass fiber, accounted for about 85% of the waterproofing material in China.

     new building is relatively traditional stone cuff asphalt felt waterproof material and its supporting material for traditional building waterproof material such as, the "new" in General has two meanings, one is the material of "new", and second, construction method "new". Improved traditional building waterproof material of performance index and improve its waterproof function, makes traditional waterproof material became waterproof "new" material, is a article effective of way, for example on asphalt for Catalytic oxidation processing, asphalt of low temperature cold brittle can get has fundamental of change, makes of became quality oxidation asphalt, paper tire asphalt linoleum of performance get has is big improve, in this based Shang with glass cloth tire and glass fiber tire to gradually instead of paper tire, to further overcome has paper tire strength low, and elongation rate poor, and sucking oil series low shortcomings, Improve the quality of bitumen.


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