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  &Nbsp;   furniture in formaldehyde emission problems public, thus led to the formaldehyde scavengers sell like hot cakes. This reporter has learned, the current market "chaos" words is not much. Too many customers had no choice yesterday, reporters in the Bohai building materials market, in a conspicuous position in the Hall on the first floor, all kinds of formaldehyde elimination medicinal preparation products for sale. At the counter, some consumers are buying the product. Consumer Ms Wong told reporters: "I just finished decorating at home, do not understand formaldehyde quantity  

still not, buy a bottle back to good, but too much of this product, I don't know what kind of efficacy of the product better. "As big as the business principle concept

a brand of formaldehyde removal products including formaldehyde scavenger, furniture and decoration deodorant deodorant, and several other series, mostly used bottled concentrated and dilute two varieties. Efficacy of the product any different? Merchants explained: "in fact, removal of formaldehyde products are no different, their composition and the principle is the same. "Correspondent asked why so many series, merchants said no, but told reporters that these names are factory. Insiders pointed out that the same principle applies a different name for, but manufacturers play concept, and confuse consumers.

governance experts, one or two weeks but arrived in 15 years of volatile

   , according to industry sources, currently on the market selling all kinds of formaldehyde scavenger, it is impossible to completely remove formaldehyde, is nothing more than a surface sealant, sprayed on the plates or form a protective film on the surface of furniture, through closed sources achieve the goal of preventing formaldehyde volatilization. This method can only be valid for a period of two weeks, and formaldehyde volatile time is usually 15, soon after the failure of this protective layer, still that pumps out contaminated indoor air formaldehyde. In addition, when formaldehyde-formaldehyde scavenger and incomplete reaction, may also generate additional secondary pollution caused by toxic substances.  

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