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yaboVIP8 EU "double reverse": from seamless steel tubes to color coated sheet

&Nbsp;    in Chinese steel mills suffered frequent anti-dumping, countervailing pressures, "grievance" see more, but the Shandong Enterprise gives a rather "alternative" new attitude. "We think, let foreigners helping the Chinese people the export and domestic market, is a good thing. "January 11, Deputy General Manager of Shandong Guanzhou Song Zhangfeng said in an interview.

     two days ago, on January 9, the European Confederation of iron and steel industry (EuropeanSteelFederation, known as Eurofer) says it has organic coated sheet for China (hereinafter "painted") to the European Commission (EuropeanCommission) put forward countervailing proceedings. Recently on December 21, the European Commission should apply European steel Union under, pre-painted originating in China for anti-dumping investigation.

     This is the second Russia zhihou, another "double reverse" settlement from Europe, export manufacturers who comes pre-painted in China. This dependence on exports of up to 55% of the combat in the industry apparently is not small. CISA Vice Secretary General Li Xin said Chinese steel enterprises accused of taking retaliatory action against European steel.

     "steel Association and we will actively respond to the suit, proof in anti-dumping charges, we do not harm the interests of European steel. "Song Zhangfeng told reporters," but at the same time, we also look forward to color coated sheet industry overcapacity and competition in China can benefit from the integration of external. ”

     EU "double reverse": from seamless steel tubes to color coated sheet

    2011 on December 19, the United States Court of appeals for the Federal Circuit ruled that the countervailing duty is not appropriate for a non-market economy countries, United States Department of Commerce against Chinese products "double back" without a legal foundation, European "double reverse" stick and swung.

    2011 on December 21, the European Confederation of iron and steel industry (Eurofer) application, the European Commission of color-coated plate originating in China for anti-dumping investigation. Dumping period of investigation is October 1, 2010-September 30, 2011. Office-bearers of the European Commission in considering Canada or South Africa as an alternative to calculate normal value of the products involved.

     the same time, the European Commission imposed on Chinese imports of seamless stainless steel determined 48.3%-71.9% of the definitive anti-dumping duty.

     color coated "double reverse" apply for European steel Union said in a statement, there is material on painted from China at dumping prices sales, caused serious damage to the EU steel industry.

    2010 year, China's exports of coated Board market share in the EU has increased from 0.5% in 2004 to 15%, especially in the second quarter of 2011, and the significant increase in imports in the third quarter. Import prices significantly lower than prices for producers and other third countries in the EU.

     Moffat, EUROFER Director said: "EU consumption has declined, but in the past four years, imports of Chinese products entering the EU market has increased dramatically, which led to the EU industry lost sales volume and market share, forcing it to cut production and reduce capacity. ”

     for countervailing reasons, European steel Union believes that Government support measures in place covering the steel and organic coating every aspect of the industry, including excess capacity, through the provision of preferential loans, equity and interest rate plan, income and other tax arrangements to support the industry's production, sales and exports. EU surge in Chinese imports of coated sheet size is the result of China's heavily subsidized.

    1 11th, suffered another products pipeline "double reverse" steel mills are responsible for who lamented to reporters: "the United States or Europe or want to protect the domestic steel industry, you will find all sorts of excuses to prevent you export. ”

     export setback: or 20% loss of export markets

     exports in the three largest in the country, 509,000 tonnes.

    2011 on December 7, the Russia Ministry of industry and trade on China's export of color-coated plate anti-dumping suit in the final, on China's exports to Russia, and Belarus and Kazakhstan Customs Union (hereinafter "Russia-Belarus-Ah") painted the 5-year anti-dumping tax, at the rate of: AISC 12.94%, and POSCO, Shandong Zhou 8.12%, others 22.56%.

     "8.12% of our tariffs and profit," Song Zhangfeng told reporters, "but Russia import duty 5%, VAT 18%, if dumping duties two digits, it is very difficult to. ”

     statistics: color coated sheet in China exported mainly to Korea, Southeast Asia, Russia and the European Union and other countries and regions, in the "anti-dumping investigation" during the case, Russia's color-coated plate exports falling from 17% in the first 10 months of 2010 compared to the same period in 2011 11%.

     It is reported that steel's latest appeal to Europe, the European Commission should be decided within 45 days whether to carry out an investigation. Such as, the need for the Commission to 13 months to make a ruling, and counter measures. European steel Union spokesman said that the Commission usually have 15 months time has decided on a similar anti-dumping cases.

     "color coated sheet in recent two years export market is bursting with growth, trade deficit has expanded each year, partly under the background of excess steel capacity, color-coated plate is no exception, to foreign markets to pursue profits at high prices, on the other hand parts pre-painted with high technology export tax rebate, so more export power. ”

     statistics, 2010 color coated sheet in China totaled 5.54 million tonnes, exports totaled 3.05 million tonnes (partial statistics, not for the actual meaning of color coated steel sheet), which yield proportion of exports up to 55%, and in 2009 the ratio is 26%.

     color coated sheet products in China's increased dependence on exports, and now at a high level. If the EU's anti-dumping "success", then the Chinese painted or 20% loss of export markets. Not long ago, Russia to China market has basically painted shut the gates.

     Shandong Guanzhou: looking forward to force integration

     suffered moments of uncertainty in export, Shandong Guanzhou is full of "confidence". Song Zhangfeng told reporters that Shandong Guanzhou overseas sales account for about 40%-50%. Started operation from 2006 Russia market after 2009 key export, even if at the end of 2011 hit 8.12% of the anti-dumping duties, but little impact on profits.

     "because we export Russia most of the high quality of galvanizing, color coating product, offer was low. Focus this year is to push special-purpose, functional products, "he said," and we accept the order, is the quote approval of agreement by the parties, then production. ”

    , Shandong Guanzhou view, even from the EU's "double reverse" investigation continues to expand, and actively cooperate with the premise of evidence, one should be able to get a lower tax rate.

     It is understood that in the context of 2011 year has been producing at full capacity, Guanzhou, Shandong still can take orders by customers at home and abroad, without a reasonable profit, and doing more big orders. But most of the color-coated sheet is clearly not so "cool."

     overcapacity, the "price advantage line" most painted the main marketing tool. According to statistics, the 2011 color-coated plate production line in China, there are about 340, capacity of more than 37 million tons, actual production nearly 6 million tons, large capacity determines the color-coated sheet export volume it needs for support. From the production line of the specific distribution point of view, about 240 in East China, North China and Northeast China about 60, homogeneity of product positioning and competition is fierce.

     "we don't want to see in order to receive orders, and sacrifice on the quality of products from the configuration on disruptive behavior," Song Zhangfeng told reporters that "China's domestic market is not dynamic and self-integration capabilities, if restrictions on exports from the outside, to consolidate the internal market, is a good thing. ”


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