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yabovip07 yabo500 new Nano-glass-ceramic composite pipe

&Nbsp;    learned from the science and Technology Department yabo500 Inner Mongolia autonomous region, Inner Mongolia University yabo500 science and technology in Bayan OBO ore tailings, slag, slag and fly ash were developed and produced 500 tons yabo500 solid waste and have glass-ceramic and metal properties yabo500 nano-glass-ceramic composite pipe. The new material has not been reported at present, relevant departments yabo500 the State as national standard in early December for public notification yabo500 this material.

     Bayan OBO ore is featuring a rare multi-metal ore, steel produce 7 million tons yabo500 tailings annually, while more than 4 million tons a year yabo500 steel slag and iron slag, which contains a certain amount yabo500 rare earths, niobium and iron and other metals. Inner Mongolia University yabo500 science and technology research group yabo500 Pryabo500essor Li Baowei from 2004 led the formation yabo500 Inner Mongolia Bayan OBO ore comprehensive utilization yabo500 polymetallic resources laboratory, research tailings in Bayan OBO, solid waste, such as preparation yabo500 glass-ceramics from fly ash. The tailings, slag, slag residues found in Bayan OBO iron, fluorite, niobium, rare earth complex nucleating agents, and complementary silicon, calcium and aluminum from fly ash to meet content requirements the basis yabo500 glass-ceramic.

     starting from 2009, the team fused-glass-ceramics prepared by centrifugal casting, process control yabo500 nano-grains yabo500 glass-ceramics, design, to carry out experiments. Developed for production yabo500 glass-ceramic pipe equipment, optimizing the forming yabo500 micro-crystal glass tube forming processes, building a daily production capacity yabo500 3000 kg yabo500 glass-ceramic tube and pilot production lines.

     by the State building materials test center, this glass-ceramic pipes reached 192 MPA flexural strength (metal), acid resistance is greater than 99%, alkali resistance is greater than 97%, Morse strength approaching that yabo500 Diamond Grade 9, wear resistance is less than 0.04 grams per square centimeter, density per cubic centimeter 3.2 grams. Tianlong concrete company try the pipe, baotou city, 3-4 times the service life yabo500 the pipeline.


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