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yabox6 new earthquake-resistant PE plastic pipes

&Nbsp;   for seismic performance of PE pipes, industry awareness of unity: PE pipe with unique flexibility and excellent resistance to scratches, easy to move, bend and thrust, pavement settlement, dislocation is not easy to fracture due to injury, better seismic performance. In 1995, Japan earthquake in Kobe, only did not cause massive damage to the pipes is PE gas pipes and water supply pipes. And because of including such advantages, advantages of PE pipes, pipe market occupies an important position in Europe, and became the United States more than 10 years of various plastic pipe products in the fastest commonly used pipe products.

     piping products in PE class, a PE-based material, with wire mesh-reinforced composite tube-steel wire mesh plastic (PE) seismic performance of reinforced composite pipe has also been a concern. This pipe in inherited pure PE pipes on the basis of the merits of because the wire mesh reinforcement, its ability to adapt to the condition of land subsidence is more prominent. During the construction of Olympic venues, this pipe because these benefits was chosen as the national stadium of buried water pipes.

     for flexible joint of seismic performance of PVC pipes, some consumers still have some awareness of the errors--the illusion that the joints and pipe products of the product itself as relatively brittle. But according to relevant information, and flexible joint of plastic pipe, its performance is obvious. PE pipe steel mesh skeleton plastic reinforced composite pipe, modification of PVC pipe products products--PVC-M tube seismic performance compared with PVC-U and much more.

     and according to the experts, apart from the plastic pipe, and metal pipes and seismic performance of concrete pipes are also more prominent. Metal pipe products, seismic behavior of centrifugal ductile iron pipes because of its extensibility and prominent, in encounter terrain changes, after installation of ductile iron pipes along the axis of deflection of 35 degrees, damaged in the earthquake was very low. According to the information provided by the relevant industry associations, prestressed concrete cylinder pipe (PCCP) seismic performance of the ideal. According to reports, PCCP pipe is rigid tube and connector socket type, is flexible.

     so, on the whole, is a flexible design, which makes it one of the earthquake performance of the pipe. According to the information, on September 21, 1999, China's Taiwan after the 7.3-magnitude earthquake, public water supply pipe equipment in the relevant sector of the earthquake damage survey and found that all pipeline only PCCP without any damage. About 10 kilometers from the epicenter, a diameter of 4 m, 3 km long of PCCP pipeline performs well in the earthquake, no damage.


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